Monday, October 31, 2005

A bit about me.

I was born Nicole Paige Wallace in Melbourne, Australia in 1967, the only child of Claudia and William Wallace.

I was quite a mischievous child, always into trouble! As Bobby as told the world, Daddy liked me a little too much. At 15, I spent time in a youth prison. I'll tell you why much later.

A few years later, I went to Thailand with my boyfriend. As you know, we caused a bit of havoc there which landed me in a Thai prison for several years. There, I learned to speak Thai. When I was finally released, I returned to Australia to find more trouble to get into. After a series of events you are all aware of, I fled Australia to England. Met a lovely man named Jason but I just wanted his money, which helped me get to America. I think you know the rest.

For those of you who are wondering...

For those of you who are wondering how I survived that "fall" last year, the answer is simple, I didn't. Well, I didn't fall that is.

Ella went through the window. I just jumped out. You didn't expect me to put myself in serious peril, now did you?

Damn that water was cold!

I just made myself laugh

I should have named this blog "The Many Moods of Nicole"!

Do I like Bobby? Well...Yes!

Do I think Bobby is a bumbling fool? Well...yes I do...sometimes. I keep waiting for him to finally catch me and throw me to the lions but I don't think he wants to. He is a conflicted soul. I think part of that is my doing.

We have much in common, this Bobby and I. One word: Demons! Demons that control our every thought, our every move, our every breath.

I think that's why I sort of like Bobby. He recognizes my demons and I recognize his. And we brutally point them out to each other.

I enjoy this game that we play...I feed off of it, and I think Bobby does too. Bobby is the ultimate prize or me because, I cannot easily topple him. He cannot put me in prison but, he is relentless in his pursuit of me which greatly imprseses me.

I don't know what I am to him. Maybe just another closed case in his file cabinet? I'm not sure what motivates him. Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't. All I really know about Bobby is which buttons to push. I'm tired of pressing those buttons. I need to find some new ones.

I'm a bit disappointed Bobby has bought into me, that he has gotten, well, as the Americans say...soft. Yet, he still keeps on, trying to entrap me.

Note to you Bobby: Don't buy too much into the new curveballs I've thrown at you. I'd prefer you to throw some hard ones at me, like you used to.

I don't want your love Bobby. Neither of us are foolish enough to step into that rubbish! And I don't want to kill you either. You are too much fun to do so!

What do I ultimatley want from you?...I don't know yet.

What do you want from me?

To answer your question, I sleep well at night. Do you?

On second thought...

I raise of a glass of Sherry to you, Bobby!

Why is it...

That I am so deliciously tempted to post on Bobby's Blog?

I'll have some scones and a glass of Sherry instead!

This blogging world is quite amusing to me

I've been reading the blogs of my friends, foes, and imposters!

It seems quite foolish for Bobby to have his own blog. Does he not realize I will read it and u se it to my advantage? As clever as he is, he still cannot figure me out. And that gives me *great* delight!

I suppose my detractors will think I am insane to have my own blog. Well, I am vain and arrogant enough to reveal some of my most inner thoughts and not to worry about being caught. My foes' fumblings feeds my ego!

Some of my detractors are correct: I do indeed have Bobby wrapped around my delicate little finger! Others are very wrong because they underestimate me! I find it offensive people do not give me credit for my wits and skills! I enjoy this game with Bobby not because he can't catch me due to his ineptness and weakness, I enjoy this game because I easily out maneuver and outsmart him!

He gave me quite a giggle when he realized I had escaped again a few weeks ago. Was he really foolish enough to think I would remain in New York to face a trial or "help" him with his case? Do you own job, Bobby! ;)

One thing still baffles me greatly: I am still trying to find out what possesed me to tell Bobby "Don't butter your parsnips!" The English do not really say that! Not even my fellow Australians say that! I can't help but laugh when I think of it. I don't have much of a sense of hummour, but I did that day!

I am planning our next meeting. And I will easily escape him again. That is one thing I am always certain of!

Poor Bobby. I do love to torture him! He makes it so easy!