Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The more time I spend alone, the more I find I like cooking! Especially hamburgers and fries. MMMM. The American versions are quite greasy but they are soo good. =) I've become quite the expert on hamburger and making burgers. I'm still not very good with fish. I still rely on restaurants for good fish. *LOL*

Thank God for the internet. I never considered myself a very good cook but I figure I'm smart enough to follow directions so I found many recipes on the internet. I found a recipe for Spanish Rice on the internet. MMMM. So good. I'm finding I love Spanish food. I also love Thai food. It WAS all I ate for 9 years after all..

I had a little mishap in the kitchen a few nights ago. I dropped a red-hot frying pan on the floor and scorched a tile. I liked that tile too! I will have to re-tile my entire kitchen now because it appears that this tile is no longer available. That really pissed me off!

Back to hamburgers...Hamburger would be perfect if I didn't always get burned by grease flying at me when I cook it. I have sensitive skin and it feels like little needles jabbing me! OUCH!!


Amey said...

Thank God for Easy Mac!

Well, I guess really thank Kraft for Easy Mac. . .


Tracie B. said...

if you cover the pan, the grease wone burn you. it's a good idea with hamburger, but if you were deep frying, it would cause trouble...just a thought!

tickle_me_vdo said...

If it's not still on private, check out this blog. She has links to some good sites for recipes and she puts up recipes too.